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I am an encouraging and adaptable coach teaching yoga in Minnesota and Wisconsin. By integrating elements from different modalities, my main goal in every session is to help students enhance somatic awareness in their body.

I'm always looking for opportunities at new studios as well as corporate yoga at offices or businesses! 

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Studio Experience

St. Paul Area YMCAs
January  2017 - Present

Maplewood Spine & Fitness Center
June 2017 - Present

YOKE Fitness

July 2019 - Present


May 2019 - Present


Saint Paul College, Minnesota 

Registered Yoga Teacher Certificate

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Testimonials from Students

Meghan is a wonderful instructor, and she does an incredible job of creating a sacred space to practice and is always so supportive and encouraging!

I have had great benefits from adding soma yoga to my regular yoga practice. Soma yoga has improved my flexibility, posture and balance. It has also helped deepen my relaxation skills and improved my sleep. Most importantly, it has really increased my awareness of my stress triggers and has given me the tools to relieve it. The relaxing candlelight practice has helped prepare me to ease into a new work week feeling refreshed.

Meghan is a wonderful yoga instructor and seminar leader! Her knowledge and commitment to yoga and her seminars is inspiring. I recommend that everyone attend her yoga classes or seminars.

I can work with individuals to craft personalized yoga sequences that utilize elements of soma yoga, vinyasa flows, meditation, and other modalities as well to meet your needs.

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Personal Lessons

Throughout the year I host a variety of workshops and different events. These events  have a yoga foundation, but incorporate other umbrella disciplines as well.

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Events & Workshops

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